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Support the Time is Art Documentary Series

After Time is Art: Synchronicity & The Collective Dream (2015) was released, we started working on the second documentary film in the series, Time is Art: The Frequency of Love. Through cosmic rapper Omboy Rॐ’s aka ELE47N lyrics and his story, we explore the underlying premise of the film: perhaps we can tap into a way of being…

Time is Art Now Available via Amazon Prime

Through international screenings, word of mouth, social media, Vimeo’s VOD platform, DVD & Blu-ray sales, this inspiring documentary film, Time is Art, continues to be seen by true seekers.  Now the film is available on Amazon instant video (US & UK only). Indie filmmakers have the power like never before to reach niche audiences and…

Youth Media

Recent Youth Media projects MIMA Music – Let Us Rise (Anti-bullying song) from Things Are Changing Productions on Vimeo. You will be amazed by the anti-bullying anthem created by MIMA Music students at PS186Q (The Castlewood School) in Bellerose, Queens, which they will perform for the whole student body in May! Huge thanks to our…

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