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TAC releases music by Dream Circle.

Dream Circle is an electronic/world/hip-hop band formed in NYC in 2011. Their international sound is a spiritualized genre-bending journey mixing both acoustic and electronic instruments with conscious lyrics and leftfield beats. The collective consists of Katy Mejia (lyrics, vocals, keys, production), Joel Mejia (guitar, drums, production) featuring additional vocals by Nikkie Bliss, and cosmic rapper and lyricist, Omboy Rॐ aka ELE47N.

Their second album, Soul Technology and the remixes was a follow-up to Dream Circle’s first LP, Lost Art, bringing forth their visions of a spiritual reality. You can also hear their music in their documentary film series, where they further showcase in the medium of film what they aspire to in their art. They are currently working on two major releases, primarily the second documentary in the Time is Art series, The Frequency of Love, and a third Dream Circle album inspired by the film. Both projects feature songs with cosmic rapper and lyricist, ELE47N.

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