Our Mission

time is art, documentary, behind the scenes

There comes a time when an artist needs to leave their bubble and connect with the outside world.  Without this primordial contact, artists can experience a sense of entropy, withering away because of uncompleted and even unseen projects which will continue to haunt them. Once the artist steps out and explores their vulnerabilities, synchronicities present themselves as guides leading the seeker into new worlds or new ways of thinking/being. It feels like this very moment is finally upon us. The time has come for us to leave our cocoon and join others willing to explore their vulnerabilities in a public arena with the goal of encouraging conversation and revelation. 

Our work is meant to inspire the hero with a thousand faces, the underground star of the movie, the seeker of truth. That being said, we also want to provide practical systems for individuals to consider for use in their daily lives, because we believe that if a person can become self-empowered, then we can truly make lasting change in this world.

We are confident that our next step will be a game changer in the Bronx and New York City. By offering the blossoming borough innovative ideas and a DIY ethos that is completely radical, we are joining the ever growing movement to push our culture forward. We’ve taken too many steps backwards and radical thinking is necessary to mitigate the effects of planetary imbalance. We need urgent action and leadership and we believe that testing the waters now through this incubation will lead us to offering full-time permaculture design courses in the Bronx. 

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