Mentorship Program

joel mejiaTAC Productions is looking for an editor (Final Cut Pro X) to mentor for 2016. Other skills that we can share include After Effects, graphic design tips, music supervision, music production and sync licensing.  We are also looking for candidates that want to know how ideas get made, how a budget is developed, what equipment is needed, location scouting, and everything that entails executing ideas with the most impact. We want you to share your creative ideas too and to produce something you’ve developed. Often leads to future work opportunities, film shoots and various collaborations.

We are also looking for a savvy and frequent user of social media and community forums to work with Producer, Katy Walker, to create campaigns, contests, and giveaways that can grow our audience. The ideal candidate should consider themselves a thoughts leader, change agent, and most importantly a member of a community.

If you are interested in the mentorship program, please complete the form below.

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