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Synchronicity: Matter & Psyche Symposium Presentations

Featuring talks from leaders in the fields of extended mind research, consciousness studies, somatic and Jungian psychology, near death experience, quantum physics, synchronicity, yoga, tantra and more. Feast on deeply felt mystical experience, on passion for the earth, on science grounded in the heart. Fourteen videos were created from each of the 1-2 hour panel talks, presentations and workshops by Shannon O’Neill, Richard Tarnas, Rupert Sheldrake, Stephen Aizenstat, Graham Hancock, Toko-pa Turner, Jill Purce, Marilyn Schlitz, Gary Bobroff, Krista Holland, Dr. Jim B. Tucker, Gabriel D. Roberts & more on the subjects of psychotherapy, synchronicity, Carl Jung, ancient indigenous teachings, spirituality, consciousness, dream psychology, ecology, metaphysics, reincarnation and more!

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