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dark star, dream circle

Music Videos

Dream Circle – Power Feat. Omboy Rome

Dream Circle – On Your Way

Dream Circle – Dark Star Remix

Dream Circle – Medicine Man

Official Selection International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts (Shorts and Micro Cinema) 2013

Dream Cicle – The Hurricane – PSA

In October of 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast causing more than $50 billion in damage. To commemorate Sandy and to raise awareness about the importance of conservation and living sustainably, we created a music video with photos and video of the storm and relief effort, including a timeline of events and powerful quotes. The song was written the day after more than of six feet of water surged into our neighborhood in Red Hook, Brooklyn, knocking out power for three weeks.

Official Selection and screened at the Red Hook International Film and Video Festival 2013

Street Artist Magda Love + Dream Circle

My M.O. – Monkey

Dream Circle – School of Life

Dream Circle – School of Life (official music video) from Things Are Changing Productions on Vimeo.

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