Dare to Dream Video Pals at Red Hook Art Project

This month we kicked off the Dare to Dream video pal program with RHAP! Youth from Red Hook, Brooklyn were partnered with youth from Managua, Nicaragua. They made self portraits to share with their video pals, and asked questions on camera to learn more about their new friends from Central America. Videos of youth from Foundation Atelier Favela were shared with Brooklyn youth and it was exciting for them to connect with youth their age who share many characteristics with family and friends from their Brooklyn community. They were also happy to be using Spanish in a new way, as opposed to just speaking it at home with their family.

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Conscious Filmmaking

In order to make sense of things, we tend to create associations with words. The word conscious is almost nostalgic for me, because it takes me back to high school, a time when I was first exposed to the word. When I was a teenager I listened to what everyone was calling “conscious hip-hop”, which was ironically in the mainstream at the time (those days are long gone). In 1993 artists like Queen Latifah had songs like “U.N.I.T.Y.” with lyrics like “love a black woman/man into infinity”. You’d never hear that in today’s mindless pop music. During the “Golden Era of Hip-hop”, groups like Poor Righteous Teachers rhymed about seeing with your third eye in almost every song. At the time I didn’t know what they actually meant and had never heard of the pineal gland, but I had a vague idea as if it was some long lost memory.

So what does it mean to be conscious as an artist? Even as a young person which was well before my official “spiritual awakening”, it simply meant caring.

Rawkus Records was once a successful indie label that put on artists rapping about social injustice and empowering yourself by standing up against oppression. They were big proponents of activism as opposed to apathy, which is preached in pop party music. Sure, celebratory music has its purpose but we also need to balance it out with music that can motivate us, help us to heal our wounds rather than medicating and numbing them.

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Purchase Synchronicity Symposium Videos

High quality video of the fascinating lectures and presentations from the Synchronicity Symposium are now available.

In partnership with Gary S. Bobroff we are offering:

$15 – single presentations, $20 – panels with multiple speakers, $25 for Graham Hancock Intensive

Email Katy here> if you have issues, we can create a video package for you so you don’t have to enter your credit card info in more than once.

– Embodiment Panel with Jill Purce, Marilyn Schlitz, Shannon O’Neill & Krista Holland. Hosted by Catherine Svehla

– TED Censorship, Skeptical Fundamentalism & More with Rupert Sheldrake & Graham Hancock, hosted by Gabriel D. Roberts

– Soul in the World with Stephen Aizenstat, Dr. Jim B. Tucker, Toko-pa & Gary Bobroff. Hosted by Bonnie Bright

More photos via the Time is Art Facebook page.

Event: Summer Rising 2 – Aug 8th

Join us for an intimate live music, art + film dance party !

This event  is in support the crowd funding campaign for the feature film “Time is Art” by Things Are Changing Productions. Contribute Here:  http://igg.me/at/thesyncmovie

Dance party w/ PJOE (Avant Muse) with DJ Lil Tiger (Impulse Travels) & dub music by Don Orgone. Live performance by Dream Circle & projections by Ben Moon.  Film Screening @ sunset.

Live Painting by WERC www.WercWorldWide.com

Sponsored by
Rebbeca Gordan  www.mypathastrology.com (special birth chart readings)
Avant Muse https://www.facebook.com/AgentsOfCreation
& Ben Moon Projections Worldofbenmoon.com/

Must RSVP for location! http://summerrising2.splashthat.com/

Free with RSVP! $20 suggested donation.


Time is Art Indiegogo Film Campaign Fully Funded!

We are so pleased to be fully funded thanks to our new associate producer who gave the magical number of $1,111 and a last minute donation by our dear friend Nick to put us over the top. Crowd funding is crucial, not only is it a necessary platform to raise the funds to produce a film, but it is also necessary to be validated by a community who cares. Today our press release goes out with gratitude for those who are passionate about creating conscious media. Film, music and media can be used to spread ideas of positive social change. This powerful film encourages collaboration and creativity as opposed to the mainstream media’s platform of corruption, exploitation and separation. Please share with friends and contribute to this empowering film. http://bit.ly/thesyncmovie



New music video: Dream Circle – Dark Star

“Dream Circle – Dark Star” features scenes from the forthcoming experimental documentary film Time is Art: Synchronicity & the Collective Dream. The scenes were shot in the magical forest of Muir Woods National Monument in California as well as the Mission District of San Francisco.

Dream Circle – Dark Star (Official Music Video) from Katy Walker / Unemployable Music on Vimeo.

New Music Video: Dream Circle – Hurricane

In October of 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast causing more than $50 billion in damage. To commemorate Sandy and to raise awareness about the importance of conservation and living sustainably, we created a music video with photos and video of the storm and relief effort, including a timeline of events and powerful quotes. We also highlight the connection between storms like Hurricane Sandy and climate change. The song was written the day after more than of six feet of water surged into our neighborhood in Red Hook, Brooklyn, knocking out power for three weeks.

Official selection and screened at the Red Hook International Film and Video Festival 2013
Footage credits:
Rockaway/Occupy Sandy footage: Dennis Flores
Rockaway photos by Rockaway Residents courtesy of Noelle Theard. Additional Sandy photographs by Jimmy Dreadz
Hurricane time lapse: Ben Stamper
Additional footage: Katy Walker, Joél Mejia, Ian Quiles, Jimmy Dreadz


Official Selection and screened at the Red Hook International Film and Video Festival 2013

Footage credits:
Rockaway/Occupy Sandy footage: Dennis Flores
Rockaway photos by Rockaway Residents courtesy of Noelle Theard. Additional Sandy photographs by Jimmy Dreadz
Hurricane time lapse: Ben Stamper
Additional footage: Katy Walker, Joel Mejia, Ian Quiles, Jimmy Dreadz
“Hurricane” by Katy Walker, Joel Mejia, Ben Zwerin ASCAP