When The Grandmothers Speak.

“When the grandmothers speak, the earth will be healed.” – Hopi Prophecy

time is art

Riding the wave of excitement and an overwhelmingly positive response to the first film, we have already begun working on the second documentary film in the series titled, ‘Time is Art: When the Grandmothers Speak’ (working title).

omboyrome-webInspired by the Hopi prophecy, “When the grandmothers speak the earth with be healed”, the film follows Om Boy Rome, a young artist and rapper who seeks to discover the ancient divine feminine teachings which have been repressed for thousands of years. He is looking to the elders and teachers of ancient wisdom to expand his consciousness, understand what it means to be a galactic citizen, and inspire his music. Like the first film, we use synchronicity to allow us to connect the dots and guide the filmmaking process.
In partnership with the Law of Time Foundation, Stephanie South will be featured as well as a host of other enlightening artists and scholars.

How can you help us complete the second film?

– Get the ‘True Seekers’ Package which is the movie on demand + film soundtrack on Blu-ray, DVD + Video On Demand here and gift it to friends to help spread the word. More info here on how to gift the film here.

– Contribute artwork for t-shirt designs
– Help us with a Kickstarter or Pledge Music campaign (we ran two crowdfunding campaigns to fund the making of part 1).

– Contribute music to the soundtrack/music library (provide a dropbox link)

– Write a review of the film. Reach out to us for a screener.

– Closed Captioning costs about $700 so in order to distribute the first film on Netflix, iTunes, Gaia, etc we need to pay for Close Captioning. Obviously if more people see the film, the greater chance we can get additional funding for the second film.

– Help us add subtitles. The software costs about $500, if you do or have added subtitles in the past we need you! The film is currently translated into French, Portuguese and Russian but we don’t have the software to create the subtitles (we did the spanish translations manually).

Rate the film on IMDB and email us a testimonial.

Share the trailer and our screenings on social media

Host a screening in a theater in the US, Australia, or New Zealand via Tugg or in your community

– Help with PR and getting press, or even suggest the right PR group so when we raise funds we’ll have folks to work with

– Be a part of our NYC film crew (camera, audio, produce, style, still photographer, PA, etc), suggest and connect us with folks to feature in the film.

– Contribute an article to this film blog

Order the film in bulk for resale at an event, festival, in a store, etc. Order 10 or more DVDs or Blu-rays and get 2 free.

– Become an associate producer and contribute $1,000 or more

When the Grandmothers Speak Art by Kate Melendez