TAC Productions 2016 Reel

It’s not yet 2016 yet so we are little ahead of ourselves. Enjoy the Things Are Changing Productions Reel! Music: Dream Circle – So Many Things (Deceiving Sounds Remix)


‘Time is Art’ NYC Film Premiere Has Sold Out!

We are thrilled to have sold out the theater premiere of our latest documentary film ‘Time is Art’ and to be premiering the film in four U.S. cities and in Europe and Central America! The theatrical screenings were crowdsourced in three cities via the… Continue Reading

Manifesting Time is Art

[man-uh-fuh-stey-shuh n, -fe-] noun 1. an act of manifesting. 2. the state of being manifested. 3. outward or perceptible indication; materialization: 4. a public demonstration, as for political effect. 5. Spiritualism. a materialization. Manifestation is about materializing something from a another dimension of reality… Continue Reading

Gearing up for the Time is Art June Indiegogo Campaign

This week we begin the month long process of prepping our final crowdfunding campaign for our documentary film, Time is Art, launching June 3rd. With the help of an amazing campaign manager, we are confideent we can raise $25,000 which will mostly go to sound… Continue Reading

Understanding Renewable & Sustainable Energy

Our travels have taken us all over central america in the last few years. Currently we are in Costa Rica working on documenting EARTH2O, a sustainable study program on Lake Arenal, Costa Rica. In order to create educational videos, we’ve been researching the top… Continue Reading

joel mejia, teaching artist

Youth Media Arts Project with Atelier Favela in Nicaragua

Atelier Favela in Nicaragua is a humanitarian organisation that supports the poverty-stricken children of Ticuantepe Nicaragua. Through lessons in Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Circus and Capoeira at our cultural centre we hope to stimulate personal development in our students. In this way these children… Continue Reading


Dare to Dream Video Pals at Red Hook Art Project

This month we kicked off the Dare to Dream video pal program with RHAP! Youth from Red Hook, Brooklyn were partnered with youth from Managua, Nicaragua. They made self portraits to share with their video pals, and asked questions on camera to learn more… Continue Reading

Conscious Filmmaking

In order to make sense of things, we tend to create associations with words. The word conscious is almost nostalgic for me, because it takes me back to high school, a time when I was first exposed to the word. When I was a… Continue Reading


Purchase Synchronicity Symposium Videos

High quality video of the fascinating lectures and presentations from the Synchronicity Symposium are now available. In partnership with Gary S. Bobroff we are offering: $15 – single presentations, $20 – panels with multiple speakers, $25 for Graham Hancock Intensive Email Katy here> if… Continue Reading


Event: Summer Rising 2 – Aug 8th

Join us for an intimate live music, art + film dance party ! This event  is in support the crowd funding campaign for the feature film “Time is Art” by Things Are Changing Productions. Contribute Here:  http://igg.me/at/thesyncmovie Dance party w/ PJOE (Avant Muse) with… Continue Reading